Market Research

Why nmore ?

nmore is derived from the phrase “and more” meaning we strive to deliver more than expected value to the customer. 

Our Way of LIfe

  • Clarity & transparency  in operations
  • Designing win-win situations
  • Premium on innovation & creativity
  • No compromise on ethics
  • Leveraging technology
  • Attention to details
  • Wholehearted commitment to task
  • Maintaining relationship lifecycle
  • Mutual trust

Our Way of Working

Innovation & creativity are affected very much by the environment in which one operates and the effect is directly proportional to the number of minds you work with.

Applying the win-win formula, we came up with the idea of conducting research and analytic workshops in reputed business schools which would provide us the necessary impetus for nurturing our innovation and creativity abilities by interacting with intelligent & sharp young minds.

By bringing our experience to the classroom, students were exposed to real life research situations and data. They also learnt business applications of various analytic techniques.

Win-win of our research operations

Leveraging our relationship with the B Schools as a result of conducting research and analytics workshops we decided to explore a new model of carrying out research.

In this model we involve the students in the research projects thus providing them live experience. For the client the costs are kept low. The B School gets the benefit of corporate interaction and we further our reach – a truly win-win relationship.

This being a innovative new approach, a lot of questions are bound to arise. We try to answer some of the questions…..

Do we expect students to produce a professional outcome?

Although most students are from premier B Schools (and some of them with work experience too) we do not rely entirely on the students to carry out the research. Students work under the guidance of nmore executives.

What about data confidentiality?

For a given assignment we select only 1-2 students from each Institute. There is no interaction amongst students of different Institutes. In the unlikely event of data leakage, only a small part of the data may be compromised.

How about Data Integrity?

We have entered into MoUs with the B Schools that we work with. Both the B Schools and the students are aware that in case there is any issue with integrity (ethics) we will not continue with our relationship. There is huge peer pressure on students not to indulge in any activities detrimental to future projects or to future batches.

That is fine but how do we ensure data integrity?

Apart from statistical methods, it is a standard practice to contact a random sample of respondents to assess genuinity.

Will you be providing us the details of students working on our project?

The list of students along with their contact details will be provided to you. While the money is not so important, students will value a certificate of having carrying out the project successfully / satisfactorily. You will be required to issue this certificate to the students who will be involved in the project. We will necessarily have to give you the details.

Is there any other benefit of using students to carry out the project?

There are several benefits:

  • Students will work more sincerely as the experience gives them an edge during placements.
  • The student population is vast and we can choose and pick students who fit our requirement.
  • Year on year, we have a new set of students to work with. They bring with them new contacts and come with no baggage.
  • You may find some prospective employees amongst the students.

We hope to have answered many of the FAQs. However, if you have any other queries, we will be glad to address the same. Please do contact us