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nmore is derived from ‘And More’ in keeping with our philosophy of going beyond client expectations and delivering greater value. It is our endeavour to provide our clients with actionable results. We operate with a lean, well knit team of professionals with impeccable credentials and expertise in their field of work.

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Upcoming Online Programs

  • Objective : This course prepares you to get started with the Advanced course.
  • Eligibility : Willingness to learn and practice.
  • Registrations:  Open by End of July 2020.
  • Duration : 15 days
  • Certification: Completion of this course makes you eligible for the Advanced course
  • Objective: To make you comfortable in using techniques like Cluster Analysis, Regression, Factor Analysis, Discriminant Analysis and Multi dimensional scaling.
  • Eligibility : You should have successfully completed the pre-requisite course offered by us.
  • Registrations : Open by 1st August
  • Duration : 30 sessions of 60 minutes each
  • Certificate : Available to those who score over 65%


  • Objective: To provide you skills to create territorial maps, calculate routes. fence areas and link data sets to spatial areas to gain deep insights. This is an Instructor led
  • Eligibility : Anyone with interest can join the course.
  • Registrations : Will be announced soon
  • Duration : 30 sessions of 60 minutes each
  • Certificate : Available to those who score over 65%
  • Objective: To skill you in data capture, categorisation, training and analysis of qualitative data using multiple software tools. 
  • Eligibility : Interest and aptitude are the only criteria required .
  • Registrations : Will be announced soon
  • Duration : 20 sessions of 60 minutes each
  • Certificate : Available to those who score over 65%

Uday is a founder and Principal Partner of nmore. Drawing from his experience in Industry as well as in Academics, Uday has been actively involved in Consulting and Corporate Training. Over the past five years he has focused on use of analytics in business and strategy development.

Uday spent over thirteen years in industry in Middle and Senior Marketing positions in diverse sectors such as Consumer Goods, Processed Foods, Utilities, and Industrial Goods. Hands-on contribution in each of these sectors includes Brand building and Strategic business re-alignment for market penetration for significant top and bottom-line growth. Besides this, his Advertising experience gives him a holistic perspective of the business environment.

Uday has undertaken several consultancy assignments for both the Government as well as Corporate sector. Many of these assignments involved scanning of the business environment and strategic planning for the future. Agriculture, education, banking and infrastructure are some of the sectors where consultancy assignments were executed.

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Jyotsna Ayyagari is a research and strategy professional focusing on BFSI segment. She is one of the founding Partners of nmore, a management consulting firm, specializing in research, training and data analytics. At nmore she handles research and training focusing on the areas of market intelligence and financial services.


With over 20 years of experience in various areas in financial services and financial management, she has considerable understanding of the Indian Banking and Insurance markets, process efficiencies and deficiencies and IT enablement. She also specialises in Anti Money laundering and fraud prevention in financial services.


Professionally, she is

  • CAMS, Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist
  • CTM, Certified Treasury Manager
  • ACMA, Associate member of Cost Accountants of India
  • Dip T & D, Certified corporate trainer
  • PGDHRM, Post graduate diploma in Human Resources Management

She has also worked extensively on Capital market automation in the areas of arbitrage discovery, identification of potential market manipulation, derivative strategies and risk management models. She has been the Principal consultant for the Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud management practice of 3i-Infotech Ltd. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Global Research Centre for 3i-Infotech Ltd.


Jyotsna has conducted several training sessions for middle and senior management in Central Banks and Commercial Banks, covering areas such as Customer satisfaction, CRM besides niche areas such as Fraud, AML, Financial markets and derivatives. She also has vast experience of teaching in business schools.


Over the last few years Jyotsna has been focusing on PRAVINYA, a voluntary organisation. She is the co-founder and Director of PRAVINYA, which works in improving educational opportunities in rural government schools. PRAVINYA today reaches over 2500 government schools, 10,000 teachers and over 500,000 students in rural Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. She has successfully led the launch of an online Learning Management System to provide a Free content ricj tool for students in remote areas of Telangana.


Some of her Thought Leadership Contributions are


  • Presented a paper titled ‘Last Mile Connectivity”, at INTED 2013- 7th International Technology Education and Development conference, Mar 2013, Valencia (Spain)
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Connecting the Dots, Filling the Gaps’, at Technology conference, Jan 2013, Technology Knowledge and Society, Vancouver (Canada)
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Technology for dissemination of vocational education’, at NIOS-UNESCO, International Conference on Integration of Academic Courses with Vocational Education in Secondary Schools, Feb 2012, Delhi (India). 
  • Speaker at ANMI Conference on AML for Brokerage Houses, 2009, Effective AML programme for Brokerages
  • Speaker at Fraud and Forensic Conclave, 2009. Financial Crime Management in BFSI strategy,
  • Speaker at Fifth Annual CTO-CXO Summit, 2009. Financial fraud
  • Speaker at Banking Security, 2006. Anti-Money Laundering – Issues & Challenges in AML implementation
  • Speaker at TFCI – IBA 2nd Annual Conference on Enterprise and Information Security, Financial Crime and Money Laundering, 2006. Anti-Money Laundering
  • Article in GT News, 2009. AML – Regulatory and Attitudinal shifts
  • Interview in Banking Technology, 2009. Keeping the Money Safe

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